17 Feb

There are several types of furniture made up of various materials like wood, steel, leather, etc. But people love to purchase wooden furniture as it looks beautiful and gives an aesthetic look to your house. Proper maintenance of the wooden furniture is essential so that it remains durable. You can clean and polish your wooden furniture by making use of the right cleaning products. Visit the link thefurnitureconnoisseur.com to read the review about the furniture cleaning products. You can make use of the right tools for cleaning your wooden furniture. The link www.bhg.com/decorating/lessons/furniture-guide/wood-furnishings-care/ highlights the list of tools for taking care of the wooden furniture.

The article lists the various ways to take care of your wooden furniture. The tips offered below would help you to clean your wooden furniture efficiently.

Cleaning Your Wooden Furniture
It is essential that you clean your wooden furniture regularly so that it looks good and attractive. Cleaning can prevent further damage to the wooden furniture. You can make use of protective mats to avoid the scratching of the wooden furniture. Ensure that the furniture is free of dust. Too much of dust accumulated on the wooden furniture can damage the wood and decrease its lifetime. You can make use of appropriate dusting tools. You can also fix a duster on the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust particles from the wooden furniture in your house. Be careful that you do not scratch the wood while dusting. After dusting, you can make use of right wood cleaning products to clean the surface of the wooden furniture.

Know About The Finishing
It is important that you know about the finishing offered to your wooden furniture in your house. This would help you to choose the right products and strategies for cleaning the wooden furniture. The knowledge about the finishing can help you to make use right cleaning products. Different types of finishing demand different types of cleaning products. Unsealed finishing is a finishing offered for wooden furniture. See that you do not leave this type of finished wooden furniture wet. You should not apply the cleaner directly to the wooden surface rather make use of a cloth to apply the cleaner. When you deal with varnish finishing, see that you avoid making use of water for cleaning it. Make use of damp cloth to clean the surface. Wax finishing may require soap based wood cleaner. You can make use of various commercial products available in the market. When dealing with paint finish then you can make use of washing liquid and scrub tough stains.

Other Tips
· See that you test the new cleaning products on small spots of the wooden furniture before you make use of it completely.
· Check the manufacture label of the furniture to know about the type of finishing of your wooden furniture.
· Dust your wooden furniture regularly with a soft brush
· Make use of wood cleaners based on the type of the wood.
· It is highly recommended to polish your wooden furniture regularly, so that regains its original shine.
The above are the various ways to maintain your wooden furniture in your house.

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